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November has turned into a really good month for women, bringing attention and kudos to many.Here are a few of our fellow females (an oxymoron?) being recognized this month:

First, there’s the new documentary “Pray the Devil Back to Hell,” which is finally bringing belated attention to the fantastic story, until now largely ignored by the news, of the women of Mass Action for Peace in Liberia.

In 2003, after 14 years of horrendous civil war, the women of Liberia stood up.These women of Mass Action for Peace literally changed Liberia; medication levitra.They brought Muslims and Christians together and daily took to the streets in protest and prayer, as well as working non-stop behind the scenes – medication levitra.Their greatest triumph was their sit-in at the stalled peace talks in Ghana; medication levitra.They barricaded the conference site and refused to let representatives leave until they reached an agreement.

Despite these brave women’s role in ending the war and toppling dictator Charles Tayler medication levitra, thus making way for the African continent’s first elected female head of state (President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf), they remained unheard of around the world, thanks to the in-action of the press (I guess they prefer pics of little boys holding guns).But everyone in Liberia followed their activities daily on the radio and thru word of mouth.And now medication levitra, five years later, thanks to producer Abigail E.Disney and director Gini Reticker medication levitra, we can finally applaud them too.

And if that wasn’t enough…November kept bringing us female heroes! Army General Ann Dunwoody! This month she became America’s very first female four-star-general, shattering the military’s highest glass ceiling.

In 1975, when General Dunwoody was commissioned as an officer, an Army survey of both male and female soldiers that year concluded that the best career path for women in the Army was to serve as cooks! And here she was in an over-crowded auditorium in the midst of a ceremony at the Pentagon attended by Defense Secretary Robert Gates, all the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Central Command Commander Gen. Medication levitra: david Petraeus.Praised by Gates and others, from a family with a long tradition of military service, from her great grandfather to her brother, sister, niece and husband, Dunwoody said she never envisioned a day like this, not in her wildest dreams; medication levitra.But she also said “I grew up in a family that didn’t know what glass ceilings were,” and “while I know I may be the first woman to achieve this honor, I know with certainty I won’t be the last.” Amen to that!

But November keeps on givin’! “Twilight,” the vampire tale movie of Stephanie Meyer’s book (only one of her vampire book series) generated an estimated $70.5 million in North American box-office receipts during its opening weekend; medication levitra.The fourth highest November opening of all time, and the largest opening of a film directed by a woman! Catherine Hardwicke, to be exact; medication levitra.You go girl!

And last, but not least, we have the WONDERFUL Judi Dench in the latest Bond movie, “Quantum of Solace.” I saw the flick the other day, and as far as I’m concerned she is one of the best things about it. Medication levitra: the wonderful, beautiful Judi Dench, with her real-people-get-older face doing a magnificent job, as usual, and offering something to those of us who don’t need a five-minute artificial chase scene every time we blink.

So I offer thanks giving to November for bringing lots of wonderful women to the forefront! May it continue into other months as well.

Judith No-Glass-Ceilings-Please Drake for In The Trenches Productions, the first entertainment website for Women Over 40

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